Learn about our Sedalia, MO success story

Justin Koehn started the Ozark Coffee Company and Roastery in 2008 when he began pursuing his passion for coffee by roasting beans for his family and friends. This side hobby was so successful that he opened up a stall at the Sedalia Area Farmers' Market in 2014. His coffee beans were an instant success, and just a year later Justin upgraded to using commercial coffee-making equipment.

The brand expanded in 2015 when Justin started selling his original brews and refreshing lemonades from a concessional trailer. But the demand for Justin’s products continued to grow, so he rented a small space in 2016, and eventually purchased his own location the following year.

Today customers can find Ozark Coffee Company and Roastery’s whole bean blends in our coffee shop on Ohio Avenue, local grocery stores and the farmer’s market where it all began.

3 benefits of switching to local coffee

Is a local café really better than the drive-thru at a national coffee company? See for yourself. When you shop at Ozark Coffee Company and Roastery in Sedalia, MO, you:

  1. Support the local community
  2. Encourage artisanal food production
  3. Get quality coffee that’s good to the very last sip

See what your neighbors are raving about when you visit Ozark Coffee Company and Roastery today.