I love this place and the workers are very very friendly!

My only comment is I wish the cups for iced drinks were thicker plastic. They are very flimsy and I feel like I'm gonna pop the lid off holding it.

My go to place though, much better than Starbucks

Kait Curran

A great coffee selection and customer service that can't be beat! The staff truly takes pride in what they do and it shows, but beware: the cozy atmosphere and baked goods will make you want to hang around for a second cup!

Jessica Mack

Just tried your Guatemala coffee blend, it is great! So nice to have a local company to get whole beans from, great little shop!

Sue Stevens

Went there yesterday with my husband. It is the best coffee of life!! And the service was great! I will never drink any other coffee as long as I'm in Sedalia!

Tia Easterday Ashley

I'd give this place a 10 star if it were possible! One of my loves in life is finding an stopping at coffee shops in my travels. This was one of the best! This coffee has a perfect roast an brewed to perfection! I'm from Kentucky but have family in the area so I definitely will be back.

SarahandDoug Knox

Dad and I have ridden here a few times on our motorcycles. The coffee is smooth, inexpensive, and they have a wide variety. The employees/owner's are always so sweet and friendly, and make an effort to remember their customers. This is the only place in Sedalia I'll be getting my coffee, and wherever I move, I'll be ordering their beans!!

Kenzie Treese

Such an adorable and very welcoming coffee shop. It is prepared fresh, right in front of you AND IT IS DELICIOUS! I'm in love. Amazing environment. Would definitely recommend it to a friend and I am a returning customer!

Sarah HakunaMatata Dunworth

Tear Drops are good, (excellent) Frappucinos take the top spot though. Lemonades are good if you can handle RICH (cherry is the best) and fear not diabetes.
Cheaper than Starbucks, better quality product, better atmosphere. At this point only the operating hours are lacking.

It's also right down the road from the bars if you're into drinking choco/coffee stouts and then following up witth actual coffee.

Benjamin Knox

I'm a snob when it comes to coffee, and this coffee is absolutely amazing. Love the fresh beans, love that I can take it home and drink it daily, and love that it's not breaking the bank!

Also, the pumpkin scones...I'd take a bullet over that.

Whitney Cromley

The best coffee I've ever had. Very welcoming and cozy environment and they have wifi! A beautiful addition for our downtown area! Thank you all and blessings!!

Jessica Paxton

A small coffee shop with such a huge impact! I love coming her with my mom. The pastries are always divine and my favorite drink is the hot chocolate. The whole set up makes you feel warm and cozy. I used to spend my money on expensive coffees/lattes until I found out about Ozark Coffee and I am so hooked on it! The workers are so friendly and make you feel important. I strongly recommend this to all people with a sweet tooth!

Leighney Trotter

Excellent cold brew! I also tried a iced latte and frappe and they were both top notch. Service was great, the prices were low, and it's near some fun little stores.

Brady Quarles

million times better than Starbucks. love the people who work here, always very very welcoming, kind & hospitable! very cozy place to sit & read, especially during the cold months. i am definitely happy Ozarks opened in Sedalia, Missouri. i recommend everyone who hasn't came in, to come in & enjoy their amazing menu. Blessings to all!

Nellie Garbuzov

I love coffee and have purchased from many companies and vendors. This is by far the best coffee that I have ever had. You can taste and smell the difference. It is fresh roasted and so smooth. Delicious! I was buying it at the local farmers market but now they have a cute little shop. Great family, great coffee!

Liz Lewis

This is my absolute favorite coffee shop in town! It's family owned shop, with delicious pastries and amazing coffee drinks! You will not regret trying this place out! My personal favorite coffee drink is the Iced Original Coffee

Diana Tkachuk

Wow! Went to Sedalia by train with some outdoor plans that were foiled by the snow. So, with no other destination in mind, we decided to head somewhere within walking distance of the depot. This place was awesome! I'm pretty sure I heard that they do all their own roasting and the flavor of the coffee was incredible! Small but cozy setting with ample seating considering the space. Take a cup to go or enjoy a mug with refills sitting inside :-) excellent customer service, personally, from the owner!

Jess B

Great place, great drinks!! My favorite is the white chocolate mocha.... definitely recommend it! Teardrops are absolutely EPIC!!!

Albert Knox

This place was friendly had great coffee and selections. The pastry selection was good and the ginger carrot cake was tasty.

Josh Horrall

Wonderful!!! Great friendly service. Had an ethiopian light roast pour over, espresso blend, Nepal, breakfast burritos, blueberry scone, and a vanilla cream.. Everything was amazing!!!

Shanna Gillardi

The best place in town to grab a coffee. You can taste the quality of the coffee in every sip. Very friendly staff that work there as well. Highly recommend this place!

Alex Gulyayev